Friday, November 18, 2011

Whisper Hollow

Talitha Evangeline Spencer enjoys a happy life with her parents in Whisper Hollow, but the onset of the Civil War brings the simplicity of her girlhood to a sudden end.  When rebel soldiers wreck havoc on her family, unraveling her mother’s already fragile state of mind, Tally must take charge of the family farm alone.  The sound of a lone violin on the breeze signals the arrival of Cole Blakely, a former Yankee soldier who draws the ire of the local Rebs even as he draws the eyes of Tally.  As tension mounts between Cole and the Rebs, Tally summons her grit to save Cole from the murderous hands of his enemies.  But when the soldiers who nearly destroyed her happy home return, Tally finally meets a challenge she cannot face alone and must trust the love of the outsider who has won her heart.

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